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Scuba Jill

Back in first grade, my class was doing a “show and tell” presentation to another class and I forgot to bring something to show. Luckily, my teacher gave me a fossil trilobite and told me all about it. I was fascinated, and so began a lifelong love of fossils and sea creatures.

This love has led me all over the world, from collecting fossils to scuba diving.

Now as an artist I create my own sea creatures using an organic approach made possible by the recently developed medium of metal clay. I also use a computer/graphic arts approach to take actual biological patterns from my scuba photos and fossil specimens and turn them into art jewelry and metallic images.

Metal clay consists of powdered metal mixed with a clay binder, which allows me to form the pieces as if they were soft clay. Then, I fire them in a kiln and the clay burns off, leaving a pure metal jewelry piece.


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